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Reiki Sessions

Animal Reiki is a therapeutic way of clearing, balancing and strengthening energy to achieve optimal relaxation, nurture the body and calm the mind.

It Can Be Practiced Either In Person Or By Distance:

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Hands on Reiki 

When I start to offer Reiki energy in person to an animal, I will sit down with them and begin with a hands-off treatment. 


I am close, but don’t touch the animals, so they can get used to the energy. This lets them decide how they would like to continue.


Many animals are naturally drawn to me, but those who are more anxious, may take a bit of time, as they would with anyone.


I will never force Reiki on any being, and some animals may be more sensitive than others. It could take some time and space for them to accept the energy, depending on their situation.


It is important that they come to me on their own, and no one needs to ‘make’ them do anything.

Most accept it easily, some may need to have distant healing to ease their anxiety.


The Session

I will relax into a gentle calm and offer the energy to your animal family member. As I let the energy flow, the animal will investigate me and the energy and eventually show me where they want to be treated. 

It is normal that an animal shuts its eyes, sighs, calms down, or yawns as they start to accept the Reiki energy.


They may get up and get a drink or some food and come back. They may present me with the body part that they want me to work through. They could also get up to urinate, have a bowel movement or pass gas. 

As the session ends, they may wake up and be affectionate (my favorite part - getting kisses) to me as a thanks. Often they go off to eat, drink and fall fast asleep.


This is the same behaviour as humans have after receiving Reiki - we may need water, nourishment and rest to adjust to an increase and balance in energy. 

Individual session:  $50
4 Sessions: $150 discounted (regular $200)
6 Sessions: $240 discounted (regular $300)


Distance Reiki 

For distant Reiki, I will need the photo, name and location of the animal(s) that you are seeking healing for prior to the session.


It would help, if you would let me know when is a good time of day that your animal is less active and distracted. This will allow the energy to flow more easily, if they are in a resting state.


I prefer to do this in the evening, but it is up to your animal. I use my training and a stuffed animal to act as a surrogate for your animal, as I go through each area & energy center.


After the session has ended, I will provide you with an email to let you know how the session went and what energy blocks (if any) were found.


It is helpful if you write down any feedback or improvements that you notice within 2 -3 days after the session.


The Session

I will relax into a gentle calm and offer the energy to your animal family member.


As I let the energy flow, the animal may sleep or deeply relax.

I would request that you had an accessible water source for your pet during these sessions.


They can take breaks and get water or food and return to a place that is safe to rest again.


It is perfectly acceptable if they continue to move about as how they receive is entirely up to them.


I will continue to scan and focus Reiki on energy imbalances until we both agree that the session is ending.


I will then email you a summary of the session for review. You may email me back with any questions or comments you may have.  


I appreciate any feedback you may have. 


Individual sessions: $40
4 Sessions:  $120 discounted (regularly $160)
6 Sessions:  $200 discounted (regularly $240)

Payment is required prior to the session. 

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Animal Reiki



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