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End Of Life Transition

Losing an animal companion is an incredibly challenging and emotional experience for both humans and animals. While nothing can prevent this inevitable transition, Reiki can ease the process by shifting the frequencies to create an environment of peace, love and comfort that supports all involved to accept the situation with ease and grace. 

This package has been designed to support the entire family and comes with 3 different categories to consider during this difficult time. This package’s main goal is to help animals at the end of their life as well as to support the ones left behind. First off, these Reiki sessions work to reduce pain, suffering and stress while creating a protective energetic shield for the animal to be able to feel safe. They further provide comfort, relaxation and emotional release to prepare animals for their energetic transition with ease and grace. The second category supports any other animal members of the family and the third supports the human companions. 

During the first part of this package, the focus is on helping your animal companion prepare for their transition and manage any discomfort during their final weeks, days and moments. Reiki is introduced as a non-invasive,  safe and effective treatment to reduce pain, suffering and stress while it creates a protective energetic shield that promotes peace and comfort. Reiki also helps your animal companion process their emotions about leaving this world and their family, and supports their energy as they transition to a place of rest and peace. This package covers a 4 week period, will include 5 sessions up to one hour each and can be spaced according to each unique situation and animal and costs $225. 

The second part of this package is focused on supporting the animals who are grieving and dealing with the loss of a beloved family member. This loss can feel heavy and endless, leaving humans and animals with feelings of helplessness, guilt and deep sadness. This package aims to help increase the individuals energetic field so they can process and release their emotions, reduce stress and anxiety associated with grief, and support their weakened immune systems.This part of the package costs $175 and covers another 4 week period, will include 4 sessions up to an hour in length and may be conducted in-person or remotely. They can be spaced according to each animal's needs but are very effective if used closely together and at the animals pace. We will offer curated resources that are tailored to your pet’s unique needs and provide support including tips, strategies and tools to help you support your pet’s healing and well-being. 

The third category of the End of Life package recognizes the importance of providing care not only to the animal but also to their human family. For that reason, Moe offers tandem sessions for any individuals who would like to heal alongside their animal companions, for an additional cost of $80 per session that are an hour in length. These sessions can help to promote deeper understanding, connection and support for you, and any other animal family members, to process together during this difficult time. 

Overall, our goal is to provide comfort, relaxation and emotional release to both the animals and humans involved in the loss of a beloved family member. Reiki is a powerful tool that can help you navigate this difficult time with love and understanding, ease and grace. Try the ‘End of Life’ Animal Reiki Package categories for healing after a huge family loss and see the difference it can make.

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