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Covid 19 Protocols

We are OPEN and safe for your visits!!
All of the Covid-19 government guidelines are being followed. 



  • Fresh, clean sheets and blankets are used once for each individual use and then put into the wash or a sealed bag until they can be washed. 

  • The massage table and any surfaces touched are sanitized in between clients.

  • Moe sanitizes her hands frequently and in between clients.

  • Coworkers and clients practice social distancing

  • A separate entrance is available so that your exposure to others is limited

  • Masks are to be worn inside at all times. 

  • A pre-session Covid screen email or text will be sent to you the day before your session

  • If you are having any symptoms or have had contact with anyone with symptoms or who tested positive , I ask that you cancel your appointment and we can rebook for another day. I will do the same. 

  • Upon arrival, I ask that you wear a mask, sanitize your hands and fill out a Covid-19 questionnaire that will be provided to verify that you are symptom free and we can enjoy our session together

  • Moe will be fully vaccinated by June 24th.

  • If you have been out of the country in the last 14 days, please reschedule your appointment.

Momentous Reiki is excited to be open and provide sessions for your energetical needs!!

The safety of my clients and coworkers is my top priority.  In order for me to provide treatments, my coworkers and I have made a safe and healthy environment according to Government of Canada standards.

Coworkers and clients practice social distancing and hand sanitization as well.

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