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New Companions

Designed to help your animal companion ease into their new environment with confidence and comfort so that they can meet new people and animals with ease.

It is common for animals to experience stress and anxiety when facing new situations, new people, new animals, or species and this can make them feel nervous and out of place. Reiki sessions will help your pet release anxiety, ground their energy and feel more confident which will allow them to be able to create new relationships and adjust to changes in their current or new home, all while feeling loved and supported.

Investing in this package costs $350 for four consecutive weeks of 4 x in-person and 6 x distant Reiki sessions. This treatment will include energy healing to release any blockages or stressful mindsets they may have, help them reinforce grounding energy, provide relaxation allowing them to feel safe and secure while supporting them to be the individual that they are, with confidence and peace.

You will also receive weekly email updates on your animal’s energy changes, as well as tips, tools and curated resources tailored to your animal’s unique needs to support their healing and well-being. You will also have access to Moe for personalized email support for any questions or concerns you may have. This package is designed to help you develop a strong bond with your pet while providing you all with support and guidance, every step of the way.

The goal of this package is to help provide your animal companion the support that they need to understand and adjust to their new family or home. It will also help you build a strong bond of love, trust and awareness between you and your new animal companion. Try the ‘New

Companions’ Animal Reiki Package and see the difference it can make for your animal companion.

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