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Animal Reiki


"Moe, your support for Oliver and I has been invaluable and incredible. We are both so grateful for you. Your Animal Reiki First Aid package helped Oliver successfully navigate his dental extraction with ease and grace (from the initial blood work visit, surgery date and follow up appointments). Knowing Oliver had your support (while I was out of commission) offered enormous peace of mind. I also appreciated your custom package option which Oliver and I were able to share. We're both feeling much better! Your Reiki sessions and warm approach made us both feel so cared for. Your notes following each Reiki session were a joy to receive and read. The detailed insights helped us understand the levels of healing which unfolded in our treatment sessions.  I'll continue to highly recommend Momentous Reiki with a deeper appreciation of your talent, skills, and passion. It's been a pleasure, thank you Moe!"


~Christine Noble Seller
Interspecies Communicator



I got to learn of Momentous Reiki from a resource page compiled by an animal & nature communicator, Christine Noble Seller. I went to Moe for help as my cockatiel, Birdy, has separation anxiety and I heard that reiki treatment could potentially alleviate it. Having minimal knowledge about reiki, I came to Moe with many questions about reiki, how it works, and the packages that Moe offers. Moe was patient in addressing all of them and provided clear explanations about reiki for animals.

After Birdy received several distant reiki treatments, I could see improvements in his behaviour. Through the process, not only did I learnt a lot about animal chakras and reiki but I also got to know more about Birdy and the reasons for his anxiety. Moe also gave a lot of advice on what to do to support Birdy in the long run and I’m grateful that Moe is there to offer additional sessions if we think that Birdy might need more.

I feel very fortunate to have Moe’s help as Moe is sincere and earnest in her work and truly cares for our animal companions. I really liked how we can start of with an initial assessment and treatment session before deciding the next steps and how Moe would provide an update after a treatment is done. If you are considering to have reiki for your animal companion (or for yourself), look no further and give it a go with Momentous Reiki, I highly recommend it!

~ Joleen with Birdy, Singapore

Moe was a lifesaver for me and my dog, Ollie, when she tore her cruciate ligament. Moe provided her with Reiki (virtually) before, during and post surgery. Not only was Moe able to provide healing energy for my pup, but she was also able to act as a communicator between us. I gained a deeper understanding of what Ollie was going through and feeling and I was able to better care for her as a result. Moe was with us every step of the way. She went above and beyond and through her work and follow up, was instrumental in ensuring both my and Ollie's journeys through this experience were as smooth and stress free as possible, all while creating a deeper bond between us. Moe has also done some deeper Reiki work on Ollie who has anxiety and there is a noticeable difference in her behaviour in certain situations where she's much calmer now. For instance, the sound of the vacuum used to send her hiding, now she doesn't seem bothered by it in the least! Ollie also used to get very excited (due to anxiety) during mealtimes and would whine and bark constantly but she's much calmer now. Finally, Moe was recently able to help me understand how much pain Ollie was in due to an ear infection, which allowed me to get her to the vet and on the right medication. I am forever grateful to have found Moe.  ~ Sarah MacLeod 

I highly recommend Momentous Reiki. Moe is kind, patient, and very understanding. She worked amazingly with my dog Harley who was struggling with anxiety since the loss of our older dog Stella. Harley had been exhibiting excessive chewing, itching, and changes in her mood. Harley also experienced anxiety about her paws being touched since she broke one as a pup. After one session with Moe, Harley's spirits seemed to have been lifted, and she stopped the excessive chewing. Harley also started to shake a paw, something she had never done before due to the reasons above. Moe also gave us awesome tips for both us and Harley, and even recommended a probiotic for Harley's ears which also helped with the itching and chewing. My family and I, including Harley could not be happier, and highly recommend Momentous Reiki. ~Emily Donovan

I reached out to Moe for help with my dog, Buddy, who had come from a neglectful life. She connected with him though Reiki and to see if we could find him the comfort and calmness he so deserved. When Moe came into our home, she created a warm atmosphere to not only put me at ease but set the stage for a successful session, which I firmly believe that this level of comfort is crucial for the entire household.  Buddy reacted well to Moe's Reiki techniques, but she stressed that he had a lot going on and it would take time to be addressed.  Over the next couple of months, Moe worked diligently with Buddy and with me because she gave me a lot of advice and offered solutions about how I was dealing with Buddy. Overall both Buddy and our family are in a better place. Buddy finally feels he is where he deserves to be. 😊 ~ Marcy

I think that MOE did an excellent job with this workshop: all the information provided was the information needed to promote the curiosity and the understanding of how Animals are energy, how they perceive it in us, how they react to our own energy and how we can start to learn about how to live more in harmony with the all-pervaiding life energy. The language used by MOE was extremely easy to follow - no technical or eclectical terms - and the tone was always very natural and down to earth, but also very confident. It really made me want to change some things in my life, so that I can prepare to become an Animal Communicator!! Thank you, MOE! ~ Marimel | Coimbra, Portugal

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