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Reiki Sessions

Calm Your Mind, Relax Your Body And Nurture Your Soul.


Can Be Practiced Either In Person
Or By Distance:

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Is The Process?

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Hands on Reiki 

1 Session is $70/hour. 

The hands on session happens in person. When you arrive I will ask you to wear a mask, as will I, and fill out the Covid-10 screening questionnaire prior to the session. You will also be asked to fill out a new client information form, which includes permission for light touch during the treatment.


The session is completed with you lying fully clothed on a massage table or sitting in a chair, whichever you find most comfortable. With your permission, Reiki energy is transferred to you by my hands through light, non-evasive touch or by holding my hands above your body over a series of locations from head to toe.  


The placement of my hands will never be intrusive or inappropriate or forceful. As the subtle Reiki energy will flow to you from my hands and you may feel that my hands are hot, or a tingling sensation like pins and needles, cold areas, or vibrations. Feel free to share anything you feel with me, and I will share what the energy is letting me know as well.


I will email new clients an information form to be filled  out and sent back to me prior to the session. 



Distance Reiki 

1 Session is $70/hour. 

I find great results using FB messenger or the phone to be available during the session for both of us - this way we can both check in as to what we are experiencing and flow with wherever the Reiki energy takes us.


I do need permission from you to access your “Chi” or Life Force Energy. It is important to know that Reiki can not be used to harm anyone, but only to send light, vibration and positive intention to the recipient who can stop the process anytime they choose.


By using my intention and directing energy to a doll, I have named Rosie, I am able to send Reiki healing energy to you without being near you physically.  Through my Reiki training, I am able to direct energy and intention to the receiver and access your vibrational field as if you were right in front of me. 

I recommend a minimum of trying distant Reiki at least 2-3 times to see if it is right for you and give your body time to notice the subtle changes in your own energy bodies. 


An Appointment With Moe

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