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Moe was recommended to me by a good friend who works in the pet healthcare industry, and I couldn’t be happier we found her when we did! We had recently lost a cat, a member of the family, were dealing with several life changes and stresses and we were struggling. My other cat especially, was grieving the loss of his brother and started having some major health issues and was depressed.


While our vet supported trying several interventions and medications, we didn’t have a concrete diagnosis other than ‘inflammation’. His entire face and sinuses were visibly swollen, eyes and breathing issues, and he stopped eating. We weren’t sure if he would make it.


I reached out to Moe and invested in the ‘Changes to household package’ for my two cats and dog. From the very first session, I saw major differences in the physical and emotional well-being of all my pets. Our sick cat’s face/sinuses began to clear and with every session and layer of emotional processing, he got better.


I loved getting the distance session emails with updates on their energy changes and knowing that they were being supported through transition, anxieties, deep past issues, health issues and a sense of safety and security, at a level I couldn’t do alone. She helped us through the grieving process of our lost pet, and in many other areas as well.


I also received reiki sessions for myself and was amazed at the results. I can’t recommend her work enough and I’ll definitely be continuing with Moe for myself and my fur babies!

I have been working with Moe for a while now. Although I have lot’s of energy training myself I (like all people) need help with my own healing and I chose Moe to do that for a really good reason. The reason is simple and yet incredibly important. I chose Moe because of her energy. All people have energy and all practitioners have energy but not all have the same type of energy. Moe’s energy is what attracted me to her in the first place and Moe’s energy is what keeps me working with her.

Moe understands the need to respect energy - both hers and her client’s. She is (energetically) careful to keep her personal issues well away from her client. Although she is personable and will carry on a conversation as appropriate there is no ‘fluff’ during her sessions - only deep supportive energy work. And when the session is over there is no doubt about the effectiveness of her work.

So many people are just about the talk but not Moe. She works hard at maintaining her own energy and she really does 'walk the talk’. Moe truly cares about both her clients and her work. If you are looking for an honest, caring, and good - and I do mean good - practitioner then I highly recommend Moe.

~ Margaret Davis

Moe is phenomenal! Everytime I get Reiki from Monique I feel like a new person when I leave. it doesn't matter what mood I was in before, I will always feel motivated, happy and light afterwards. Moe is very welcoming, professional and compassionate. She truly is gifted and I'm so thankful I've been able to experience her gift and will continue to do so.


Rachel Johnson
Dog Trainer
Owner of Endless Pawtential

I highly highly recommend seeing Moe for reiki. I had never tried it until this past fall but in a desperate attempt at sanity and wellness I said I would try anything and somewhere on that list was reiki. I just had my fourth session with her and it’s an experience unlike any other. I would assume that the benefits are individualized so what I can speak to is the vast improvements in my OCD, anxiety, and moving through repressed emotions. Moe provides a safe and warm environment that’s both relaxing and encouraging. I have also found her to be easy to communicate with, schedule with, and resourceful. If you’re interested in checking out reiki this is an excellent space to do so!

~ Hayley Roger

Good day folks!
Where do I start...
For starters, a quick overall assessment. 
Momentous Reiki provides top notch energy work and thorough healing services!  Pricing is very reasonable considering the caliber of services and the quality of results.  Monique is a passionate Reiki practitioner and very informed on her subject matter, along with meditation and energy development in general.

Coming from a military background of more than 25 years, it suffices to say that I was not the most educated on the subject of energy work and meditation.  However, since my first “treatment” if that word even begins to do it any kind of justice over 5 months ago, a cascade of permanent positive changes have permeated my life since.

I will caveat the statements to follow with the following parameters, if they are adhered to and taken seriously, you will see lasting results, along with multiple positive changes in your life.
You MUST keep an open mind.  This is critical to avoiding the pitfall of close mindedness and the barriers that will create.  If a career soldier could do it, trust me you can too.

You must also put in your side of the work; consistency is key here.  You cannot heal the body and, mind from Reiki alone, if you keep your self-destructive practices.

Be honest with yourself and Monique, she can’t fix it if she doesn’t know what’s broken. (although you will be surprised with what she can “see” from within).

Lastly, be open to the potential of the human mind and body, it is truly astonishing what it can do with a balanced lifestyle and treatment plan.

Now, lets get to the brass tax, the benefits and results I gained and are with me to this day!
Complete healing of continuous serious concussions migraines (I have had multiple concussions over my career).

Complete Loss of all moderate Asthma symptoms.  I honestly believe my diagnosis will be removed altogether soon.

Ceased alcohol consumption altogether permanently after 30 + years of drinking.
Regained and improved my energy and focus.  Resumed sports and fitness activities that were mostly pursued years ago only to cease.  Back in the best shape of my life.

Redirection of spiritual priorities.  This one is huge as I have never been spiritual to begin with, however after these life changing experiences, I cannot deny spiritualities place in our lives any longer.  The more balance and strength I gain, the richer life becomes.

Began a consistent and meaningful daily meditation practice for first time in my life.  Another huge benefit for me here, as prior to Reiki, I could not sit still in my own mind for even 5 minutes.  My mind is now laser sharp.

Improved interpersonal relationships, and overall perspective in life.  This one was very unexpected, however likely one of the most important.  Becoming more in tune with a balanced mind and body only increases general awareness, compassion, and life perspective.

In closing, 
I would like to summarize by stating that in these unprecedented times of uncertainty, fear, and doubt, energy practitioners and more specifically people like Monique and her Momentous Reiki practice offer a truly valid and ground-breaking option in the field of energy healing.

These modalities might not be what we are used to with our western medical practices. However, if you’re like me, and are not a fan of simply masking symptoms with medications and would rather get to the true source of suffering (of any kind) to in turn heal it once and for all, Momentous Reiki is your place!

I consider myself truly blessed to have met Monique, as I have gained such profound healing and a renewed passion for life, that I know without a doubt that my life would have been vastly different without her help.

Please consider Reiki and Monique’s practice in your healing options, as I can personally attest to her efficacy and compassion.



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