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Rescued Animal Companions

This Reiki package has been designed to help your rescued or shelter animal companions who may have experienced traumatic situations, are unable to let go of frightening memories and may have become scared and reactive. Animals can experience fear and anxiety due to a variety of reasons such as experiencing physical and emotional pain, changes in their environment, loud noises, new people and past traumatic experiences, to name a few. This can lead to timid and shy behaviour or fearful aggressive behaviour.  Reiki is a non-invasive way to help animals feel more balanced and at ease, releasing past emotional wounds, infusing them with loving energy and enabling them to trust again with their whole heart. 

At times, it may seem that these animals are too wounded to feel comfortable with human touch. The good news is that Reiki energy can be beamed or sent from a distance, allowing them to relax and heal at their own pace, without feeling pressured to accept human touch. This package is  a way to help animals feel more balanced and at ease, releasing past emotional wounds,  growing their confidence and enabling them to trust again while deciding how to receive Reiki healing (in-person hands on, in-person without direct touch or distantly) and how much they will receive each time. Moe will never force Reiki on any animal and will listen and respect each animal's ability to choose how they would like to proceed.

This package is designed to be done slowly and consistently, depending on each individual situation and emotional wound. Investing in this package will cost $450, will be spread over 4 weeks and include 4 in-person sessions (if the Animal allows it) and 8 distant sessions, but it is possible that your pet may need more than one month to release their emotional wounds. Moe will perform reassessments each month and discuss outcomes and options in detail with you to track your animal companion’s progress and make any necessary adjustments to the approach. 

You’ll also receive weekly emails with updates on your animal’s energy changes and get access to curated resources tailored to their unique needs. In addition, Moe will provide email support for any questions, concerns, or challenges you may be facing, as well as tips, strategies and tools to help you support your animal companion’s health. 

The goal is to help your animal companion feel safe and confident while providing you with the tools to support their ongoing well-being.  If you have an animal that has come from a rescue or a shelter and may have experienced traumatic situations and/or be reactive, this non-invasive Reiki package can help provide them with the necessary support and care to heal and move forward to live a calm and engaging life. With Moe’s individualized care, your animal companions can heal while feeling in control of their own energy to become confident and calm. Try the ‘Rescue or Shelter’  Animal Reiki Package and see the difference it can make.

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