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Wellness Program

This package is an ideal solution for maintaining your animal companion’s balanced energy, mood, health and well-being. Regular Reiki sessions can prevent energy depletion, increase relaxation to balance mood, help to reduce recurring ailments and increase immune support. This package allows you to book regular scheduled sessions that can be spread out over a six-month period to ensure that your animal companion’s energy remains balanced, grounded, aligned and healthy.

Reiki healing energy is very useful for promoting relaxation and assists in grounding to allow the animal to release anxiety and overthinking. This helps to reduce any unwanted behaviour, decrease chronic pain and is useful for stress management. Reiki helps any being to live in a balanced state while supporting a peaceful mindset. This package is suitable for all life stages and will support your animal long after their initial treatments. 

This package costs $200 for five sessions that may last up to one hour and can be done in person or distantly. This treatment will include energy healing to release any blockages or stressful mindsets they may have, provide relaxation and support their immune system. 

In addition to these sessions, you will also receive curated resources tailored to your pet’s unique needs, including articles, videos or other materials that can help you gain a deeper understanding of your animal companiaon’s behaviour and how you can support their healing and well-being. We also provide in-person or email updates about your animal’s energy changes, giving your insight into how their energy and needs are shifting over time. 

Investing in your animal companion's well-being is an excellent way to support your animal’s overall energetic health and ensure that they receive the care and attention that they need to be happy and thrive. Try the ‘Wellness’ Animal Reiki Package and see the difference it can make.

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