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Reiki Healing

For Holistic Well-being

Transform your energy and transform your life to balance your body mind and soul.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a holistic energy healing practice that promotes harmony and balance within the body. It originated in Japan and is based on the scientific principle that all living things have universal life force energy flowing through them, and that we are electro-magnetic beings who are impacted by our own energy, as well as the energy of our environment. This is an energy medicine where the practitioner channels the electro-magnetic fields that exist universally, through the client’s body, to promote harmony and balance within the body. Reiki practitioners use their hands to channel this energy to their clients, promoting relaxation and reducing stress. They act as conduits and do not use their own energy. 

Reiki uses frequency and vibration to facilitate harmony within the body, and practitioners are able to hold a certain vibrational frequency that is the same as the Earth’s biomagnetic field. Studies have found that Reiki practitioners emit electromagnetic fields from their hands in the same range of the frequencies associated with healthy tissue and organs. Reiki’s energy may seem subtle, but it comes from a higher electro-magnetic field than the physical body, which can affect mood and store itself in various areas of the body. 

Reiki is not a replacement for traditional medicine but can work alongside it.  Reiki can promote physical, mental and emotional well-being, helping individuals to manage anxiety, depression and stress. Reiki is a holistic healing practice that can promote balance and well-being within the body.

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How Reiki Works

Reiki works by helping to balance the energy within the body. When the flow of energy is disrupted, it can lead to physical, mental and emotional imbalances. By channeling the universal life force energy, Reiki practitioners can help to restore the balance you may find yourself without and will assist healing from within. 

Reiki works to promote physical harmony and healing by infusing healing energy into the body. It works by aligning your internal energies, or Chakras, to flow as a harmonious and collaborative unit, while also calming the mind, relaxing the body and nurturing the soul. Through Reiki, the flow of energy within the body is balanced, leading to physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

By learning to connect the mind to the heart, Reiki can help individuals become more effective in all areas of their lives. It can increase energy levels and alleviate many of the physical symptoms associated with stress, anxiety and depression. Through Reiki, individuals can develop a clear understanding of emotional boundaries, leading to more compassion for themselves and others. 

Ultimately, Reiki can be a powerful tool for promoting healing and balance in all aspects of life. 


Our life experiences can lead to stress and chaos in our lives, leaving us to feel out of control and unbalanced.

These experiences help to build the foundation of who we are and how we perceive those events. Many experiences can be rewarding, happy memories.
Others, they may be difficult and lead to holding onto stress making us feel unbalanced and out of control.
Momentous Reiki can help you find balance and make peace with your past so that you can enjoy your future. 
Positive thoughts create positive results. Receiving energy work at Momentous Reiki, can help you understand your own natural energy system by:
  • Learning how your energy system works
  • Understanding the techniques around balancing that energy
  • Creating positive results in all areas of your life because of your ability to tap into your own personal power 
  • Becoming successful at maintaining & strengthening your own energy system
"Moe, your support for Oliver and I has been invaluable and incredible. We are both so grateful for you. Your Animal Reiki First Aid package helped Oliver successfully navigate his dental extraction with ease and grace (from the initial blood work visit, surgery date and follow up appointments). Knowing Oliver had your support (while I was out of commission) offered enormous peace of mind. I also appreciated your custom package option which Oliver and I were able to share. We're both feeling much better! Your Reiki sessions and warm approach made us both feel so cared for. Your notes following each Reiki session were a joy to receive and read. The detailed insights helped us understand the levels of healing which unfolded in our treatment sessions.  I'll continue to highly recommend Momentous Reiki with a deeper appreciation of your talent, skills, and passion. It's been a pleasure, thank you Moe!"
~Christine Noble Seller
Interspecies Communicator





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Reiki Sessions
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