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Chakras 101

Learn How To Balance & Maintain Your Energy System For Better Physical, Mental And Emotional Health.

Many people can feel out of control emotionally and become reactive within their relationships and daily lives. This can leave you feeling anxious and confused.

Understanding your own energy field can be the first step toward achieving positive peace and harmony within yourself, your life and your interactions with others.

Learn More Chakras
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Having Open & Balanced Chakras Can Help You To Feel Better.

A Blocked Chakra Centre Can Contribute To A Variety Of Physical, Emotional And Spiritual Ailments.

Chakras are important electro-magnetic energy centres in your body. They resonate the frequency and strength of our 7 endocrine glands and meridians within our bodies.


Chakras help us organize our emotional and physical energetic states. Their energy fields include our mental and emotional foundations and values. Conflict with your values or a feeling that something isn't right, will show you via the physical health of your body & energy systems. 

They are a tool to understand patterns and habits that circle within our lives.


When you become more aware of your physical and emotional energy and how it operates in your daily life, you can move towards improving your emotional and physical health.

This helps you regain a sense of control and freedom in your daily life and lets you live a life of emotional freedom to be better able to handle any challenges that may arise.

Reiki as an energy medicine, works alongside other traditional and alternative modalities very well, and will help to balance your energy system.

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How Do You Know That Your Chakras Are Out Of Balance?

  • Do you feel like your life is on repeat?

  • Do you question why things keep happening over and over again? 

  • Are you constantly feeling anxious and worry about the future?

  • Can’t figure out why a feeling is here and what it’s about?

  • Spend a lot of time remembering events of the past?

  • Feeling stuck and empty?

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It Works

Offered one - on - one and can be done over a 4-5 month period, leaving room to build a solid understanding of each Chakra’s attributes to successfully understand how they function and affect us.


You will receive a Reiki session from me for each of the 7 main Chakras, plus a comprehensive and in depth study of what each Chakra represents, and what it holds for you right now. You will also learn how to balance and clear them yourself.


You Will Learn


Learn breathing techniques, meditations and visualization methods to achieve success in your path to energy healing. 

Work through any blockages and learn what you can do to clear and strengthen them.

Included is a focused study of what each Chakra holds in regards to each part of us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


The cost for this comprehensive course of 7 sessions, lessons and material is $350 if paid in full at the beginning. 

You may pay separately each time you come and the cost will be $60 a session. 




This Workshop

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