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Understand And Listen To Your Own Energetic Needs And Intuition So You Can Live A Life That Is Best For You.

If you are feeling stuck, you can move your life forward with a sense of peace and knowing who you are. Reiki energy medicine can help you release negative energy and to find balance and peace within yourself. Our energetic state plays a significant role in how we experience life.

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Is The Release & Let Go! Reiki Package?


This Energy Management and Support program can help you move forward and to get past feeling stuck in your life.

This Reiki program is for people who feel that they are in a cycle of emotions they cannot escape or understand. Together we can seek the harmony and balance you deserve.

If you feel uncertain, unaligned with your real sense of self, or on edge to the point you do not know what to do next, this Reiki package can help you. 

You may be asking yourself “Why can’t I get over this?” or “ why can’t I move past what happened to me?!”

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By managing and supporting your own energetic system, Momentous Reiki will help you become the grounded, stable, happy energetic person you know you can be.

Along with Reiki sessions to realign your energetic bodies, Momentous Reiki will help you understand:

  1. How our energy goes in & out of our own bodies and electromagnetic fields

  2. How to pull energy back from the memories & emotions that keep us living in the past

  3. How to stay calm and grounded when uncertainty enters your life, and

  4. How to protect your own energy from being given away again.

Universal Reiki Energy Healing Can Help You To Understand Your Emotions. 

Understanding your energy patterns,  allows you to figure out how to deal with the uncertainty of life, by accepting change and looking forward to the possibilities that your life can bring.

Allowing ourselves to experience our emotions, becomes an important way for us to learn and grow. Emotions hold chemical energy within our bodies and energy fields, by attaching to our memories. 

Reiki Energy Medicine can help you release and let go of the negative energies held around memories, so you can begin to understand who you are now and what you believe about yourself. 

You can become a powerful creator of Energy when you are fully aligned and grounded.

Momentous Reiki will help you achieve a balanced flow state where you can understand and listen to your own energetic needs and intuition so you can live a life that is best for you. 

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It Works

Work through any blockages and learn what you can do to clear and strengthen your personal energetic power.

COST: $350.00

This Package includes 7 hour long Reiki sessions,plus 30 minutes each time of reviewing various energetic techniques such as:

  • Strengthening your personal energy centres with breathe, visualizations and intention

  • Strengthening Affirmations

  • Grounding techniques

  • Protection techniques

  • Breath Work

  • Power management techniques

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