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I Hold the Key to My Own Happiness

I used to think that I would find happiness if I only ______- fill in the blank. I realized that I am in charge of creating my own idea of happiness - one that suits me. When I choose to focus on the possibilities of life as opposed to material things, dwelling on past mistakes or worrying about what the future holds, that I feel happier. Truth is that everyone's version of happiness is different but it is about what excites you and brings you joy. I found happiness in recognizing all that I have achieved, my resilience and my strengths. I found happiness in being grateful for my life, my relationships, experiences and the lessons I have learned. I found happiness in the little things, in being present and doing my best to enjoy everyday. I am not perfect and somedays this is hard, but this affirmation helped me remember that I am in charge of my future and I get to decide what my happy place looks like and feels like. My hope is that it helps you too.



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