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Energetic Empowerment: How To Connect With Your Personal Energy

Explore the profound potential of connecting with your personal energy—it's the key to unlocking your true self and embracing your fullest potential. This invaluable tool allows you to navigate life's highs and lows with grace and clarity, whether you're experiencing chaos or basking in calmness. By tapping into your energy, you can find balance, peace, and be more trusting of your intuition. There are profound benefits to connecting with your personal energy including helping you to rediscover your power and develop your resilience to the outside world.

Let's Talk About Connecting With Your Energetic Blueprint

Lately, I've noticed what I call energetic "Tsunamis" crashing into our lives—powerful waves of energy that can really shake us up. You might have felt it too—mood swings, trouble sleeping, or just a general uneasiness. It's like being hit with shocks and surprises left and right.

But here's the thing: by tapping into your personal energy, you can strengthen it to weather these storms. You can protect yourself, bounce back from tough situations, and even maintain your own vibrant presence—I call it 'holding the light'. Now, you might already be familiar with this concept, or it might be new to you. Personally, I've learned firsthand how overwhelming these waves can be, but with some self-awareness and compassion, I've found ways to nurture my energy without draining myself. That way, I can 'hold the light' and stay grounded during the most chaotic times.

So, let's explore what it means to connect with our personal energy, hold onto that light, and discover the power it holds to change our lives for the better. A life with balance, peace and a strong sense of self.

What Do I Mean By Personal Energy?

We are all made up of energy, which is your own personal vibrational frequency. Personal energy is who you are and what you represent - the vibe you give off. It's the amalgamation of light and frequency that defines your vibrational presence (how others feel your energy) and reflects your inner state of being. The more attention you give to how that energy exists, either positivly or negatively by caring for your own energetic needs in a healthy way, the more personal energetic light you carry. This energy holds our personality, values, and beliefs, shaping our interactions and experiences.

How do we enhance our personal energy and uncover our inner light?

As I said, we are all energetic beings made up of light. We create it within ourselves in many ways including by being honest about who we are and our feelings, standing in our truth while listening to our bodies. Becoming more aware of what your body is telling you is the first step to connecting to your intuition, or your higher self. It starts with your relationship with your physical awareness.

The first key is to cultivate an awareness of what your own energetic system feels like. While this may initially seem daunting, it is a process that feels remarkably natural once you start. By attuning yourself to the subtle cues that you receive from your body and from your mind, you can help you identify the fluctuations in your energy fields. This isn't about some elaborate ritual, but more about stimulating a mindful connection with ourselves - a process I refer to as understanding my own energy, or M.O.E. .

Develop Your Physical Self-Awareness

Understanding your own personal energy starts with a deliberate commitment to physical self-awareness. By sitting with your body without judgment, you can listen to its subtle sensations and what it is telling you. By recognizing these sensations and discerning between the positive ones and the negative ones, specifically how that feels for you personally, you can take proactive steps to amplify your light and embody your desired qualities. It's a lesson in self-discovery and empowerment that we're all capable of embarking on. This is not meant to be complicated - it is within us to find. We can all do this.

Connecting With Our Own Energy and Intuition

We have been given these bodies so that we can physically feel sensations - heat/cold/warmth, pain/comfort, vitality/dis-ease. We have also been taught not to concede to or pay attention to those feelings;  to dismiss, to "suck-it-up" and not honour ourselves for a varity of reasons that can leave us feeling scared, judged or both. Those feelings, the energy from them, can get stored in our bodies. Consider honouring the messages that are attempting to get your attention and trying the following exercise to connect with your personal physical energy.

Try to take a few minutes throughout your day to tap into how your body feels and what that means for you. I like to start first thing in the morning, but will take a few minutes during the day - particularly if I am experiencing feelings of overwhelm, anxiety or stress -to sit with my physical sensations. This is how you will be able to understand your own energetic ecosystem. It literally means to sit with your body, and feel what it is trying to tell you.

Find a quiet space, close your eyes, and take at least three deep breaths in and out slowly and begin by asking yourself: "Is there anywhere in my body that feels great?" Take note of the sensations you experience—whether it's a tingling, lightness, or feeling energized. Ask yourself "Is there anywhere in my body that feels not so great?" and then take note of those experiences that could feel like something denser, tighter, or darker. Allow yourself to ask further questions to deepen your understanding of how things feel in your body.

Next, make note of the sensations and any feelings that may go with those sensations. Then engage in physical activities that promote a sense of flow and well-being—whether it's stretching, moving, drinking more water, meditating, getting a massage, or going for a walk. This is important - now that you have heard what your body has to say, please do something about it. By addressing your body's physical needs, you create space to tune into your mental and emotional well-being.

Additionally, you can consider exploring the meanings and properties of the seven main Chakras in the body. This can provide insight into the thoughts and emotions that may be stored within your body, allowing you to work towards holistic healing and alignment. This system of listening to your body first will give your insight to how each of your energetic bodies is doing and bring attention to what needs some love and more light.

Take Care Of Your Physical Body to Change Your Vibe

By taking care of our physical bodies, it becomes more obvious how to change our physical vibes so that it becomes easier to feel, hear, sense and understand our own energy. This will lead to having an easier time developing qualities so many of us strive for like becoming more grounded, centered, peaceful, intentional, and mindful. These all increase our energetic resonance.

Practicing these energetic fitness techniques will help you strengthen the light energy that you hold, and will help you expand your various subtle bodies to hold more of it. You will feel amazingly light, grounded, peaceful and strong, all at the same time.


This practice is the introduction to your ability to recognize your intuition. When you are feeling 'off' about something or someone, you will be able to trust yourself in knowing what that means for you. Your body will give you the signs to know what is best for you. Our bodies serve as energetic conduits of knowledge and wisdom that gives us signals to find our best path that resonates with who we are, right now. It is the first step towards a more centered, happy and peaceful you.

So, the next time you are feeling out of sorts and don't know which direction to go or which decision to make, take the time to breathe and tap into your own energy system so you can connect with your intuition. Trust that feeling, that voice or that sensation and work with it to find your inner energetic light. It will brighten your path to lead you towards alignment, fufillment and your own personal power.

I hope that this blog helps you in aligning with your M.O.E. (my own energy) and assists you with nurturing your Spirit, owning your power and discovering your purpose. Feel free to contact me for workshops about this topic or for personal mentoring in this area of your life. Email me at for more information.



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