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Enhancing the Neutering Process with Reiki for Your Puppy : A Personal Story

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Neutering your puppy is a significant milestone in their life. While the physical aspects of the procedure are well-known, there's another dimension to consider: the emotional and energetic well-being of your puppy. In this blog, I'll explore how Reiki and energy work can provide invaluable support during the neutering process, even from a distance.


Over the past two weeks, my puppy Luke, my older dog Clyde, and I embarked on a healing journey to support Luke as he recovered from his recent neuter surgery. It was not only about ensuring his physical well-being but also about providing emotional, energetic, and mental support. In this blog, I'll share our experience and the steps we took to make this process as smooth and positive as possible.

Preparing Luke: Communication and Understanding

The journey began with a heartfelt conversation with Luke. I wanted him to understand why this procedure was necessary. I explained that neutering would keep him safe from potential aggression from intact males, reduce the risk of certain cancers, and most importantly, prevent a repeat of the tragic experience he had endured in his early life. Luke had come from Manitoba, rescued with his siblings from a harsh environment that had led to parvo and the loss of his family.

To ensure that Luke truly grasped the message, I enlisted the help of my friend and colleague, Allison Penny, an Animal Communicator. Now as an Animal Reiki Practitioner and Communicator, you might ask yourself why I requested help making sure that Luke and I were on the same page. Well, I am also human, with an ego and an emotional attachment to this particular being so as a human, I can overthink and doubt myself in stressful situations. Fortunately, I recognize that and am aware of my limitations plus I have marvelous resources and allies, like Allison. She helped ensure that Luke felt safe and supported, and relayed messages from Luke saying that he had heard and understood what I had told him, which was especially important given my emotional attachment to him. Allison was able to provide validation by sharing that he told her his nickname and then that he was excited for the extra love and attention I promised after the procedure. What a cutie he is and I am so fortunate to share my life with him. Animal communicators can be invaluable when you want to make sure your furry family member understands and feels loved.

The Healing Power of Reiki

  1. Reiki for Luke: Prior to the surgery, I provided Luke with Reiki. This ancient healing technique helped energize his physical, emotional, and energetic bodies, filling him with healing energy and love. Reiki has a remarkable ability to align energies, support physical health, and create a sense of calm and balance.

  2. Reiki for the Event: Using distant Reiki, I sent healing energy to the future surgery event. I asked for a smooth and successful procedure while sending Reiki to the technicians and veterinarians involved. My intention was to provide them with positive energy, focus, and balance on the day of the surgery. I expressed my gratitude for their expertise and their dedication to healing animals.

  3. Reiki for Aftercare: I also channeled Reiki to all the beings and environments that would support Luke after the surgery. This included Luke during the event itself, creating an energized and healing presence in our home, offering support to his brother who was stressed about Luke's procedure, and providing Reiki to myself to ensure I could support everyone effectively. Finally, I Reiki'd Luke again when he returned home and let him know that we love and support him.

  4. Laser treatment for healing: Another alternative holistic treatment for healing is low level light therapy (LLLT) that involves using a laser to heal wounds. I am fortunate to with Perth Physio Animal Rehab, and that is one of the techniques that they provide. This modality was used on Luke a few days after the surgery to speed up his cellular metabolism and healing.

By using various methods of light and vibration, Luke has fully recovered from his surgery in less than a week and bounding around the house, rough housing with his brother in absolute bliss.

A Name with Meaning

I wanted to add a brief note about the name you have for your animal companion and the voice that you can have as a care giver.

Before the surgery, I noticed that the name the Veterinarian clinic had my puppy under was his old name that they have given him at the rescue. The name had a negative connotation, suggesting he was alone in the world. This was not done intentionally, but it did not resonate with me as holding positive energy or memories. I decided to change his name to something more positive, reflecting his true nature. Luke means "bright light" or "the bringer of light," and I wanted him to know what he is capable of. When I introduced ourselves at the clinic, they still had him under his previous name. I insisted that they use the name he'd had for the last 7 and a half months and kindly asked them to give him a 10-second grace period to respond. I was met with rigid physical stances and no words in reply, only stares to me and my pup as they tried to process what I had asked of them. I explained that they were strangers and that he is easy to work with, but needs a minute to understand what is going on first, as we all would. Despite initial skepticism I faced, they eventually acknowledged my request with smiles and nods, showing compassion and understanding. I knew that this request would not be forgotten, as it seemed to be an unusual one they would not likely forget.


Supporting Luke through his neuter surgery was a deeply rewarding experience. By combining clear communication, the healing power of Reiki, and working with others to recognize the need to be patient when a being is processing a new experience as well as the importance of a positive name change, we were able to provide Luke with the love and support he needed during this significant event in his life.

If you're facing a stressful event with your pet, consider exploring Reiki packages like the ones I offer. They can provide valuable support and comfort during challenging times like these.



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