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Animal Reiki Case Study and Success Story of Duke the Great Dane

My name is Moe and I am an Animal and Human Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher and my passion is to help animals and people thrive.  I wanted to share this recent incredible experience that I had with a lovely Great Dane named Duke and how in just 15 minutes, Duke allowed me to help him find peace and begin his healing journey through the gift of Reiki. 

A Transformative Reiki Experience: Duke's Journey to Healing

When I arrived at the Quantum Healing Water Front Lounge for my first Energy Enhancement Therapy session, I had no idea I was about to take part in a remarkable transformation when I was called to help an animal at this healing lounge.  My friends had given me a gift certificate for this amazing healing therapy treatment and as I entered the lounge, my eyes were drawn to a majestic Great Dane named Duke.  Despite his impressive presence, there was an unmistakable sadness in his eyes and his energy was radiating sorrow and discomfort.

When I asked about Duke, the owners of the healing lounge said that they thought he had been mourning her father, who passed a few months earlier, and that he had developed some sort of ear issue that caused them to bleed on the outside. They had provided him with an inflatable neck pillow to deter him from obsessively scratching them and making them bleed even worse. They were at the end of their rope, and so was Duke. 

Sensing Duke's distress, I asked his human guardians if I could offer Reiki for him before I left.  They agreed, and I took a photo of him wearing his cone. With Duke's permission, I followed him into his room where he led me to a bright, airy space with large windows and a cozy bed on the floor. It was quite clear that Duke was well taken care of.

The Power of Animal Reiki

What happened next was what I LOVE about Reiki'ing animals! They understand energy healing better than we do and are so open to receiving it. As I entered his room, Duke had taken the time to check me out, allow me to sit down on the floor and start making a healing space for him energetically.  Within two minutes of me offering Duke Reiki, he had settled across my lap, his head resting there as he gazed into my eyes. His humans were astonished; they'd never seen Duke react to anyone like this before.

During our brief 15-minute Reiki session, Duke revealed more than just his physical ailments of those persistent ear issues that had puzzled even the vet as well as the holistic remedies. What Duke's energy showed me that while he missed his recently departed grandfather, his core struggle was a lack of self-confidence. There were areas where grief and doubt had settled into his energy field and he was longing to have it leave and open up so that he could feel better physically and emotionally.

As we connected and Duke allowed the natural healing process of Reiki to start, Reiki created a transformation that was immediate and profound. We both connected in an Animal Reiki Meditative state where I cleared my mind so that he could do the same.  He stared at me as he received Reiki and I heard him say, "Finally, I can let this heaviness go". Duke's guardians were moved to tears, witnessing their beloved companion melt into my arms. It is such a delight to connect with an animal while I am offering Reiki to them. Reiki can benefit healing on so may levels that you can actually see, as well as feel.

As his light returned and his sadness lifted, I shared what Duke and I were experiencing and his humans were very grateful for the information. I wanted to continue, but I had friends waiting for me and another scheduled appointment to attend, so I promised to follow up with more information when I got home about trying Animal Distant Reiki and how we could create a personalized healing plan package for Duke, if they were intereseted. They both agreed and I was on my way. 

Then I left on a 90-minute drive home. To my delight, when I got home I found an email from Duke's Mom. Attached was the "after" photo that I have shared at the top of this blog – a heartwarming image of Duke, his face lit up with a huge, bright smile. I'm simply in awe of Duke's journey and the reminder that sometimes, the most profound healing can happen in the briefest of moments. This swift and remarkable change speaks volumes about the power of Reiki and Duke's openness to healing.

This experience with Duke is just the beginning. He had a wonderful, rapid response to a short but powerful Reiki treatment. Reiki can help alleviate so many issues and supports the body's natural healing process. Stay tuned for more updates on Duke's progress and insights into the wonderful world of Animal Reiki. In future posts, I'll delve deeper into how Animal Distant Reiki helped Duke's caregivers understand the root causes of his issues – both physical and emotional - and how Reiki helped them realize their part in his healing as well. I offered insights on how to move forward with a new understanding of what Duke was experiencing and what they could do to help alleviate this sense of doubt. If you've ever wondered how energy healing and the power of Animal Reiki might help your own animal companions, Duke's story is just the beginning! 

Feel free to contact me for more information about how Animal Reiki and Human Reiki sessions can help animal lovers around the world provide a holistic, non-invasive method of healing that helps animals find peace and healing, as it supports and connects with animals in a way that supports them where they live - channeling universal life force energy of nature and themselves. 



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