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What is a Chakra?

There has been a lot of talk about Chakras these days, but what are they really and why does it matter to you? The following is a general breakdown of the basics what Chakras are and why they are important.

Electro-Magnetic Energy Centers

Chakra is a word that is derived from a Sanskrit word that means "wheel" and they are important electro-magnetic energy centers in your body. Chakras resonate the frequency and strength of our 7 endocrine glands and meridians within our bodies. The energy in those wheels is related to different nerves, organs and glands and the goal is to have Chakras that are open, balanced and energized.

We are all electro-magnetic beings who are impacted by not only our own energy in the physical, mental and emotional forms but from the environments around us on Earth and in space. Solar flares, for example, have been shown to impact us by making us feel more anxious or stressed out.

Chakras help us organize our emotional and physical energetic states.

Their energy fields include our mental and emotional foundations and values. Conflict with your values or a feeling that something isn't right, will show you via the physical health of your body & energy systems. You may feel hurt or ill in a specific area of your body as well as have significant specific emotional suffering along with it.

Each Chakra has its own set of characteristics relating to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fields as well as its own smells, sounds, colours and frequencies that they relate to or with.

Chakras are a tool to understand patterns and habits that circle within our lives.

When they are not aligned, unbalanced and closed, the areas that they associate with will begin to suffer.

For example, when your Solar Plexus Chakra (located under your breastbone) is not flowing properly, you may suffer from anxiety attacks, become very inflexible, narrow minded and have a lack of self-esteem or self-trust. Your abdomen may hurt, you may have poor digestion or blood sugar issues. When it is open, you may be joyful and confident, have respect for others and a strong sense of self, with no stomach pain.

As you become more aware of your physical and emotional energy and how it operates in your daily life, you can move towards improving your emotional and physical health.

This helps you regain a sense of control and freedom in your daily life and lets you live a life of emotional freedom to be better able to handle any challenges that may arise.

Reiki as an energy medicine, works alongside other traditional and alternative modalities very well, and will help to balance your energy system.

Chakras energy can become stuck. How do you know if they are stuck?

Ask yourself some of the following questions:

  1. Am I feeling stuck or sluggish? Unable to complete anything?

  2. Am I feeling ungrounded? Am I unable to make decisions or feel confident? Do I feel insecure? Do I feel attacked or judged by others?

  3. Am I very emotional? Do I react to situations instead of calmly working things out?

  4. Am I super stressed out and blaming the outside world for my problems?

  5. Am I feeling like I am not good enough? Do I feel hopeless and like I don't deserve happiness?

Answering yes to any of those questions may suggest that one or more of your Chakra Energy Centers are blocked and need clearing. Think of it like weeding a garden. If there are too many weeds, the flowers cannot grow because they cannot get sunlight or the food and water they need to flourish.

Reiki is a phenomenal way of energizing and clearing your Chakra Energy Centers. Meditation, Yoga, and Qigong are other methods that can work to assist you in creating a well balanced energetic body.

I hope this quick look answered some of the questions you had about what Chakras are and what they do.

Look for future blog posts about what each Chakra represents and methods on how to make them stronger.

I will also be providing a free, in-depth Chakra guide for your to download and use.



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