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Why Should I Try Reiki?

This blog will explain what Reiki can do to help you create a new powerful you!

Reiki is like Physiotherapy for your Soul

Just like with healing your physical body, your energetic body needs therapy too. I am healing from a knee replacement and I see a physiotherapist who helps me get past certain plateaus using his knowledge and techniques. This kind of healing can involve using hands-on manipulations of my soft tissue and joint to create flow and balance. It can involve releasing tightness which can be painful. It can be showing me new exercises that I am responsible to do to be able to strengthen myself and move to the next level of recovery. The same can be said for Reiki about your energetic body.

"You gotta move it, or lose it"
- any Physiotherapist ever

As a Reiki healer, I am able to sense, feel and connect with the subtle electro-magnetic energies in your field of vibration - something that we all have - and I have been attuned to through my training. I can help you release blockages and balance your energy centers while I assist you in strengthening your energy field. This is where I teach you to do exercises to find and recognize signs from your personal energy - kind of like exploring the physiology of your vibrational body. Why? So that you can feel grounded and become more aware of what your energy is doing and saying to you. A Reiki session also includes answering questions about what you may be feeling or sensing and how to navigate through the changes to your energy field.

A Sports analogy to explain.

Have you ever trained for a sport off season and decided to do the work? You stretch more, actually DO your cardio and heck, even submit yourself to plyometrics to prepare yourself for the season? It can be very insightful when you realize not only how your body is getting stronger, but so are the internal conversations you have with yourself to get through the tougher, more challenging parts of training. Then, when game time comes, you have never felt more calm, strong and ready to achieve your goals. You have created a stronger, more agile body but also become more confident and sure of how you will play the game and navigate the inevitable decisions you will be faced with in order to succeed.

The same goes for Reiki Energy Healing. Its the physiotherapy of your vibrational body - it strengthens your energetic, mental, and emotional centers which can help you find a state of peace and balance to help you navigate the world and circumstances we live in. Reiki can help you activate the deep energetic areas of your body to release what no longer serves you, like memories of past pain or failure. Working with the glands of your body, Reiki offers a gentle frequency workout to increase your energetic circulation. It helps you release the knots of energy or tension in various parts of your body and mind. Reiki helps you find balance in your electro-magnetic field to help you feel more grounded, less reactive and more peaceful in your interactions with yourself and others.

"You gotta feel it, to heal it."
- any Reiki Healer ever

Why Choose Reiki Energy Healing?

Choose Reiki if you want to feel good about yourself and your future.

Reiki Energy Healing is a way to clear out the tightness and cramping in your soul. This may be reflected in your disposition and your ability to understand your moods. With Reiki, you can feel more in control of who you have become and what you want in your life. Reiki helps your strengthen your own energy so that you can bring yourself forward with energy, purpose and an inner peace you may have been searching for.

Why Choose Reiki?

  1. Receive hands on Reiki energy therapy to discover and recognize your own electro-magnetic fields while experiencing a pleasant boost of energy and calmness

  2. Strengthen and balance your vibrational bodies - mental/emotional/energetic

  3. Release energetic blockages you have held onto during your lifetime

  4. Increase your energetic frequency to stay strong, unapologetically you and grounded.

  5. Recognize your Personal Power over your life as you begin to understand your own Energy and your authentic self.

I hope this helps you understand how Reiki works with your electro-magnetic system to balance, calm and nurture yourself in a chaotic world. I will explain more about the benefits of Reiki in upcoming blogs and appreciate your interest in the power or Reiki Energy Healing and what it can do for you.

Stay balanced and happy, my friends!




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